Domain Name Api + WISECP

Domain Name API resellers can easily provide domain sales and management, online DNS/nameserver/whois management, automatic cost/sales updates and many more operations via the next generation of "Web Hosting and Digital Services Automation" WISECP. DOMAINNAMEAPI is integrated as standard on the WISECP. The module does not require installation.

What is WISECP?

WISECP is a next-generation of web hosting and digital solutions automation software that automated billing, client management, support services and all other process of your business. It has been developed to enable all individual and corporate organisations operating in the field of information technology to easily provide product and service sales / management, invoicing and enforcement operations, client management, support services and all other process.
Domain Name Api Wisecp
Domain Name Api + WISECP

Domain Name Api + WISECP Features

  • High speed in domain name search
  • Advanced domain management and control
  • Automatic cost/sales amounts update
  • Domain promotion management
  • Premium domain sales
  • Automatic pricing from 1 to 10 years
  • Multi-language and currency
  • Import all extensions to WISECP
  • Import your existing domains to WISECP