Reseller FAQs
Domain Name API with its domain market experience of 13 years knows very well what is needed for the sales success of domain resellers. Success in domain sales is not related to the pricing, technology or product selection. To become successful, the price-technology and product factors must be well equated. As Domain Name API we provide all this and more to our resellers.

  • Domain Prices : The best domain prices in the market
  • Product: Domain number: More than 200 Domain Extensions, SSL certificates
  • Technology: Latest high performance and innovative technology
Do you want to be a Domain Reseller? If so, it is very easy to do that! After free sign-up, wait for our authentication mail. Then decide about how you will integrate with our system by Domain Name API web control panel, Super Site, VIP Domain Hosting Sales Site module or for advanced level users by API to our Domain Name API system.
Domain Name API has OT&E accounts for resellers and developers with the purpose of testing the domain system as a whole. The test environment is an exact copy of the real environment and provides response time and the chance to see the real performance. Partner companies and large resellers use this test platform which is a technological wonder to test the Domain Name API platform in full and to integrate to the platform. Finally the OT&E calculations turn automatically into real accounts after assessment.
Domain Name API depending on the number of domains has three pricing categories.

  • Reseller category(0-99 domain)
  • Premium category (100-999 domain)
  • Platinum category(1000+ domain)

Any deposit is not taken. If you want to upgrade your reseller category this only depends on the domain capacity. As you take domains from Domain Name API you may find the chance to pay lower prices. In collective domain transfers resells may talk to the sales department about special pricing before the transfer is recorded. When necessary please contact our sales manager sales@domainnameapi.com / satis@domainnameapi.com
Domain Name API has several resellers. However due to our reseller agreement we have to keep the identities secret. Sign in to learn the reasons why Domain Name API is preferred by registered resellers!
We are supporting our resellers through three different methods;
  • You can use the Ticket – Bilet system.
  • You can send mail to the e-mail address of the support department support@domainnameapi.com destek@domainnameapi.com
  • During office hours you can contact by phone Domain Name API.