WHMCS Complete Solution; services such as hosting, domain registration, server rental, co-location, the most used by companies in the world and is quite useful domain hosting automation.

What is WHMCS?

WHM Complete Solution; used by companies that provide services such as web hosting, domain name registration, co-location, server rental, is a widely preferred useful automation. It is used by people and institutions who do not have enough time or coding knowledge to write such automation on the web. You agree with a programming company and after a certain period of time you can check the services such as hosting, domain name registration, and offer a system that includes all the business related solutions. You only need to upload this system to your own server and make settings. This is the system WHMCS! After you install WHMCS and make the necessary adjustments, you will have all the features you see on advanced hosting domain sales sites. With the credit card one of the most practical methods, this system will meet all your needs, including automatic account opening in credit card sales.

Domain Name API WHMCS Module

  • Icann accredited registrar
  • 800+ domain extensions
  • Quick domain inquiry
  • Online domain hosting activation
  • Premium domain support
  • Standard WHMCS package
  • Mega WHMCS installation
  • WHMCS blog setup
  • WHMCS ready and special modules

Save time and money with WHMCS.

Domain & Hosting

Domain integration

Automatic hosting setup, instant domain activation.


Regular Billing and Payment System.

Easily collect payments from your customers with professional invoice design.

Customer support

Technical support - ticket infrastructure.

Manage your customer relationships online from your web site and get technical support..


It has many themes for domain hosting automation. You can buy or download paid or free themes by searching on search engines. Some of the sites selling Whmcs Theme; sites such as themeforest, zomex, whmcs marketplace. WHMCS templates are completely innovative, fast and easy to use. The theme includes domain inquiry, web hosting packages, server packages, ssl certificates.

Domain Name API starter and Mega whmcs installation packages are the perfect solution for those who can't find time for theme selection and installation.

WHMCS Live Support

Domain Hosting is one of the indispensable services in the industry. In order to increase sales and conversions, we have to stay in touch by giving our customers live support. Whmcs offers live support, but you can offer live support with different paid plugins.
  • See who is browsing your website in real-time and provide instant customer support

  • Chat with your existing customers and proactively get new leads

  • Get quick and easy access to customers' products, billing, and more via direct chat

  • Chat contents are automatically saved to customer profiles as support tickets

  • Downloadable clients for Windows, Mac and Linux and iPhone and Android lets you chat with your customers from anywhere
  • Domain Name Api WHMCS Features

    Domain Name Api - WHMCS

    Instant Transactions

    Automatic domain registration, dns change, whois change, domain forwarding. 100% domain and hosting management

    DNS Management

    All users and administrators can easily manage the DNS of all domains.

    WHOIS Management

    View and modify WHOIS Contact information stored in domain records in real time

    Automatic Renewals

    Automatically bill domain renewals and have domains renewed instantly when your customers pay you.

    Domain Synchronization

    Daily synchronization of domain history and status and instant management of transfers.

    Premium Domains

    Premium domain purchase premium domain names through supported registrars

    Free Domain

    Domain registration service can be sold free of charge with certain hosting packages.

    DNS Management

    Customers can create and manage domain DNS Records.

    Whois Protection

    Offer Whois Protection to your customers and allow them to make changes at any time.

    WHOIS Inquiry

    Perform a WHOIS query. View WHOIS information for the domain you want

    Domain Search

    Integrate domain availability control and query directly into your website

    Management Portal

    Allow customer domain registrations to manage through the self-service management portal

    WHMCS is integrated with all hosting packages.

    • Domain Name API Registrarlar
    • Domain Name API Registrarlar
    • Domain Name API Registrarlar
    • Domain Name API Registrarlar
    • Domain Name API Registrarlar

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We do not support Whmcs installation. You can download Whmcs api documents from your DomainNameApi.com panel and install them together with the installation document. If you have problems installing Whmcs, you can complete one by purchasing one of our Whmcs packages.

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