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Domain Name Api

Domain Name Api is a domain sales site, which is built by Atak Domain Hosting Ltd. Company, an ICANN Accredited Registrar, and which delivers the most popular domain names of the Internet to its dealers-customers at discounted prices.

Every member that opens a Domain Name Api account is considered as a dealer. Domain prices vary according to three different dealership classes.

Domain Name Api Dealership Classes

  • Price based dealerships are available in three different types - Reseller, Premium, Platinum
  • You automatically obtain Premium dealer status after more than 100 registrations through the system.
  • You automatically obtain Platinum dealer status after more than 1000 registrations through the system.

Switching between the dealership classes is not possible other than the number of domain registrations.

In Domain Name Api dealer program, four different dealership modules are available, namely .net domain api, Super Site, WHMCS and VIP Domain Hosting Site. VIP Domain Hosting Site dealership module is proven the best in Domain Marketing, and customized website and system are set up for you. Infrastructures of our dealership modules Super site and WHMCS are in the testing phase and will be commissioned by the end of 2015.

Providing 100% control and flexibility to its solution partners with different dealership solutions, Domain Name Api constantly develops its products and services. With its professional support services and innovative services, Domain Name Api will continue to increase competitiveness of its dealers.

You can contact our sales department at sales@domainnameapi.com   - satis@domainnameapi.com for further information about Domain Name Api dealership and bulk domain transfers.

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