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Software Modules

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WHMCS is a comprehensive billing, support, and client services platform for any online business. A very popular platform for domain and hosting resellers since WHMCS plug and play modules add functionality and services with little or no effort. Domain Name Api's WHMCS module allows for any business using the WHMCS platform to quickly start selling domain names... More Information »

Domain Name API resellers can easily provide domain sales and management, online DNS/nameserver/whois management, automatic cost/sales updates and many more operations via the next generation of "Web Hosting and Digital Services Automation" WISECP. DOMAINNAMEAPI is integrated as standard on the WISECP. The module does not require installation. More Information »

Domain Name Api offers clients and resellers the convenience of a web browser based control panel. Universally accessible from anywhere, even mobile devices, registering and managing domains can't get any easier. Everything from registration, transfering, renewing, pre-ordering, backordering and account management can be managed... More Information »

Domain Name Api offers resellers six (6) different APIs to connect, interoperate, and manage domains. Technically inclined resellers and clients utlize Domain Name Api 's APIs to seamlessly integrate domain registration and services into their own customized service or application. Domain Name Api engineering is also available for free to answer general integration... More Information »

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