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Domain Name API Icann Accredited is a registrar of Atak Domain A.Ş. is a domain sales site that delivers the most popular domain names of the Internet established by the company to its customers - at discounted prices.

Each member who opens membership on Domain Name API is counted as a reseller. Domain prices vary according to three different Reseller classes.
There are three different price centered Reseller types - Reseller, Premium, Platinum.

Your Resellership will start as Reseller, you will automatically go to the Premium Reseller status with 100 above the system. You will automatically switch to the Platinum reseller status via 1000 through the system.
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Why Do We Work Together?
Only a few reasons why you prefer to your domain reseller preference;
  • The cheapest domain prices
  • 830+ Domain TLD
  • Domain sub-reseller, Domain panel
  • Free domain reseller
  • Free whois protection support
  • There is no minimum deposit limit
  • Multilingual domain control panels
  • The right to extend the domain lasting without penalty

Free Domain Reseller Migration

Will you transfer your domains to us? This is so easy!

If you are receiving domain reseller service from a different domain reseller, it is quite easy to transfer your domains to

As Domain Name Api, we transferred thousands of domains. We have very professional experience in this regard. We will be happy to share our experience with this massive domain transfer.

The biggest problem when domain franchisors move to a different domain franchise is that the approval mails go to the customers with admin contacts. Especially .com, .net, .org, info, etc. If you send us your domain list in many domes, your domain support will be transferred for you by our expert support team. All you need to do is open the transfer locks and transfer the domain transfer codes to us.

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