Domain Extencions .tr FAQ
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Domain Extencions .tr FAQ

Domain Name API (Atak Domain) is an ICANN Accredited domains registrar based in Turkey providing Turkish TLDs .tr (,,,,,,,,,, etc.) and we are looking for a Registrar - that provides API integration - that is interested in offering new TLDs to their Customers and Partners.

Turkey (.tr domains) is ranked 29th with 400.000+ registered domains.
We offer the most competitive prices for .tr domain extencions.

1. Can foreign (Swedish, German, American, Russian ....) companies register .TR domains?

2. Are there any special requirements to register .TR domains (documents etc)?

For registration need below documents;

- Application form  
- For the applications made by the legal entities and organizations; the official documents required must certify that the domain name you apply for is your registered trademark or corporate name. One official document that appropriates for the application, which may be "Commercial Registration Certificate", "Trademark Registration Certificate" etc., is sufficient to register a ".tr" domain.
- authorized signatures document
-Furthermore, foreign applicants are to prove business activity in Turkey or have a business relationship with a company that is domiciled in Turkey and provides supporting official documents such as franchising agreement, distribution agreement, invoice, custom papers, etc.
Note: We recommend for 5 years of registration.
You can also register below domains without documents;

Note: if you dont have got trademark we can help you register it.
1 class trademark aplication 179 $
1 class trademark registration 249 $

3. Does the domain name need to be similar to the company name?
Yes.  Must Same domain and company name or tradmark name.

4. How long time does it usually take to register a .TR domain? - - registration time: 1-2 days

Below Domains without documentation instantly activate.

5. Anything else we need to know about .TR domains?

End of 2020 .tr will be open for registration.  After25 August 2020 all .tr domain extencions will be register without documents (Planing).

6. Aboute and  ?
We have 2 domain web site. and our reseller program and Atak Domain the same company. is our reseller program.

6. Do you have API  ?

We have got .net - .php and WHMCS api.

Please create an account and download API from the API Tools link in the dashboard. 

7. How to Transfer .tr Domains? 

All .tr domain transfer is free. Domains will not be renewed after transfer.

We can transfer all your .tr domains for you. We will transfer to your account.

We can remote help (with Anydesk or Teamviewer) or send us user password.

For the migration need Turkey GSM number. You can use our phone number.

Our GSM for transfer: 00905327135505  (Also You can write from WhatsApp)

Please create an account first. 


8. What are the .tr domain prices?

You can check .tr domain prices from below link;

9. What are the payment options?

Our payment method;

Visa - Mastercard - Bank transfer -  Webmoney


10. ​Is there a registry lock available? If yes what is the fee for it


11.Could you please confirm that all 2nd level TLDs (,,, etc) have a registration period of 1 to 5 years?

All .tr domains  registration Period of 1 to 5 years.

12. Can you please let me know once the exp. date of a domain is reached in which status the domain will be? Is there a 30 day renewal grace period after the expiration date?

Up to 89 days .tr domains can be renewed.


13. Can you please confirm min & max amount of characters for a domain, is this 1-63 chars?

.tr domains minimum & maximum amount of characters for a domain is this 2-63 chars 

14. Is there any limitation for DNS? (Pre-configured DNS needed, etc)

2-10 dns can be entered.


15. Is IPv6 supported for Nameservers?

Yes, IPv6 is supported for name servers.

16. Please confirm if glue records for DNS are supported?

Glue records can be defined implicitly.


17. Is DNSsec available for ***.TR domains?

DNSSec is not supported for .tr zone.


18. Can contact handles be updated by API and contact handle updates possible?

No. All contact can change with the document.

19.  Can you please describe the process for the change of registrant? Can this be done with a contact update? Does it require a document?

 No. All contact can change with the document. Contact change by API is not possible, except migration process.

20.  Will the domain be renewed during a change of registrant?

No, it won't be renewed after registrant change of domain.

21.  Once a domain has been deleted, how long can it be restored?


.tr Name Requirements








Anual Reseller fee?:




Pre- or Post-Payment?:


Pre Payment


Pre-Payment minimum deposit?:


No minimum deposit limit


Registrar Webinterface URL?:


Whitelisting of Registrar IPs required?:




SSL certificate required for webinterface or API?:








Available Third Level Domains:, …...

Domain Extencions


ASCII characters allowed?: 


Only and


IDN Supported:

YES/NO (Languages)

Only and


Min Character Length (ASCII/punycode): 




Max Character Length (ASCII/punycode): 




Characters not supported: 








URL to Policy:





Whois Privacy?: 

Yes / No



Local Presence Required?:




Restrictions for registration?:




Duration for Domain registration?:


1-5 years










DNSSEC Supported?: 

Yes / No



Documents Required?

Yes / No

Yes - Some .tr domain extencions


Verification Required?: 

Yes / No











Grace Periods




Add Grace Period (AGP): 




Autorenew Grace Period: 




Redemption Hold Period (RHP): 




Redemption Grace Period (RGP): 




Renew Grace Period: 




Transfer Grace Period: 
















GA Pricing: 




Renewal Pricing:




Transfer Pricing:




Change of Registrant (Trade) Pricing:




Restore Pricing: 
















Min GA Term: 




Max GA Term: 




Min Renewal Term: 




Max Renewal Term: 



63 months

Min Transfer Term: 




Max Transfer Term: