Domain Reseller Business
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Domain Reseller Business

Become a domain reseller in the market has always been an effective way to make money throughout history and today. However, whereby the innovations based on the technology and the widespread of the internet, intangible goods like graphic designs, hosting servers and domain names have started to be the subject of sales in the market besides physical goods. As the sales started of these intangible goods the resale became naturally possible for them. In this article, we will analyze one of the intangible goods resales by touching on how to make money as domain name reseller and how to start selling domains.


What is a Domain Reseller?

Domain reselling is the business of buying domains from a domain registrar and selling them to the customers as the domain reseller is a company or an individual which provides this service. These are the resale processes different from the operation of domain registrar companies. Becoming a domain registrar requires huge investments to infrastructure of the network and storage equipment while becoming a domain reseller requires less investments thanks to their utilization from the infrastructure of a domain registrar company.

How Do I Start a Domain Reseller Business?

Getting into the market and being one of the players in the domain business is a stage that needs to be guided professionally and processed step by step. Firstly, the differences between a domain registrar and a domain reseller should be realized. As we explained above, domain registrar corresponds to large companies having enough capitals for the set-up cost and cost of operation while domain reseller’s budget is conducted to work like a commission agent organizing the trade between domain registrar and ultimate customer. Therefore, for an entrepreneur -both individual and company- aiming to start a domain reseller business, entering into a distributorship agreement is enough to set up its operations and infrastructure. But the main question comes up at this point: “Which domain registrar is better to make a distributorship contract?”. Under the further headings, we explained and answered this question.


Is Domain Reselling a Good Business?

When we analyze the market, it’s for sure that domain business is a rising trend spreading all over the world. Although it seems that entering the market is difficult, there are various ways to start selling domains without facing any difficulties. The most effective way is to find the perfect domain registrar enabling its dealers make more profit and enter the market as domain reseller. The less profitable way in the short-term but a roaring business in the long-term is to enter the market as a hosting provider in other words a webhosting company. In conclusion it’s an obvious fact that to start selling domains as a domain reseller is a promising and good business field including lots of opportunities in it. As we explained under the next heading, our firm as a domain registrar becomes prominent with its unique advantages, quality and experience.


What is DomainNameAPI Reseller Program?

DomainNameAPI is an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar offering special opportunities to its potential resellers. DomainNameAPI Reseller Program is one of the free domain reseller programs providing its resellers the most reasonable domain prices to enable them to make more profit for each sale. The program is formed based on three different reseller classes making differences on the prices. Classes are listed in order of Platinum, Premium and Reseller. 


Which is Better GoDaddy - Reseller Club or DomainNameAPI?

When we compromise these three firms, it’s an incontrovertible fact that each firm has different advantages and disadvantages aiming to convince the entrepreneurs planning to enter the market as domain reseller. However, it’s also a clear fact that DomainNameAPI offers unique advantages by its reseller classes which the compromised firms, GoDaddy and Reseller Club, don’t have. Besides, our firm has enhanced variety of APIs with more than 800 domain extensions including generic and top level domain names like .com .net .org .biz .info, the ccTLDs like .de .uk . fr and gTLDs like .ist .istanbul .market .law .travel.


DomainNameAPI doesn’t get prepayments to start selling domains as its domain reseller and enables its resellers to utilize from advantages of the classes as well as its perfect WHMCS domain integration, perfect domain registration infrastructure, multi-language admin panel, domain sub-reseller opportunity.


How to Start Selling Domains

After you decide to start selling domains as domain reseller and choose your domain registrar which we explained above as listing all advantages and opportunity that our firm has, the next step you need to take is to fill the application form and wait the approval of domain registrar. However, DomainNameAPI operates a different process by directing its potential resellers to be a member of its site and by this means the individual or company becomes a domain reseller automatically. That’s the way how to start selling domains rapidly and easily.


How to Start Your Domain and Webhosting Company

Creating your own webhosting company is easy thanks to the professional integration system of DomainNameAPI leaving less works to do for you by completing all required infrastructure. All you need to do is to become a member of our firm by filling the required membership information and after this step, you will automatically become a domain reseller that is able to see all special discounts, opportunities and reseller classes with a perfect integration. Let’s start to build your domain firm without any charges!


5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Domain Reseller

It’s possible to list as follows the 5 reason why you should invest in domain reseller:

  • Huge market and never-ending opportunities

No set-up or investment costsLess responsibility by becoming a commissioner agencyBuild up a brand with a professional integration7/24 Customer Support

As we can sum up all information above with these 5 reasons, it’s a perfect opportunity for you planning to enter the market with the cooperation of DomainNameAPI which is a unique company offering the best prices, possibilities to its potential domain resellers without any prepayment or charges. We also offer a productive admin panel compatible with all your needs. Don’t miss these unique opportunities to become a domain reseller!