Unlocking Growth with .Bio Domain
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Unlocking Growth with .Bio Domain

The creator economy is booming, presenting registrars and resellers anopportunity to capture a new market segment.

Bio and the Creator Economy

The creator economy is rapidly expanding, valued at an estimated $100B+ in 2022 and made up of over 200M creators. To stand out and succeed, creators are increasingly looking to get their own #LinkInBio. Whether they are looking to drive followers to their content across
platforms, highlight their storefront and affiliate links, or land brand partnerships, a .bio domain name enables their success.

.Bio is quickly becoming the domain of choice for members of the growing creator economy. Short, relevant, and memorable, .bio domain is the perfect tool for reators to generate a centralized hub for all their online content.

Opportunity for domain resellers:
What’s the best way to capitalize on this trend and
reach a new market segment?

  • Merchandise .bio: feature the #linkinbio use case on your site
  • Include .bio marketing campaigns targeted toward creative entrepreneurs in your marketing mix
  • Present .bio in the top 7 search results
  • Create a custom .bio promotion with the Domain Name API team

.Bio registrations grew by 509% in 2023 vs. 2022.
Don’t miss the boat on .bio!

New .Bio Domain Registrations in 2023 vs. 2022

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