Definitions and Concepts in TRABIS Period
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Definitions and Concepts in TRABIS Period

According to the protocol signed between METU and ITC on 21 December 2018, “.tr” Registration Authority has been transferred from Nic.TR to Information Technologies and Communications Authority (ITC). The Nic.TR system will be concluded in the near future based on this transfer and the .tr Network Information System (TRABIS) will operate. When TRABIS operates,, and extensions can be allocated undocumented in accordance with the “first come, first served” principle. It will be possible to sell and transfer domain names.

Different definitions and abbreviations will be utilized in addition to these changes.

Related definitions and abbreviations are as follows.

Definitions and Abbreviations on TRABIS


“.tr” is the abbreviation of Network Information System. This system will enable domain names with .tr extension and their central database to be operated and updated, to be monitored by creating a directory (whois), and to perform domain name application processes in real-time.

Information Technologies and Communications Organization (ITC)

It is the organization that regulates and supervises the telecommunications sector in Turkey. ICT is authorized to perform the necessary arrangements, to inspect the Registry Agencies and DRSP (Dispute Resolution Service Provider) within the framework of the legislation, and to implement the necessary administrative sanctions, including ending the activities of the Registrar and DSRP.

Internet Domain Name (IDN)

They are the names that describe the internet protocol addresses used to determine the address of computers or websites on the Internet.

Internet Domain Name Owner (IDNO)

It is the concept used to describe the domain name owner.

Registry Authority (RA)

It is the mediating party to carry out transactions related to domain names such as application, renewal, and cancellation. Domain Name API is a registry institution that has completed TRABIS accreditation.

Restricted Allocation Names List (RANL)

It is a list of domain names that its allocation has been restricted by the registration authority for various reasons (historical, cultural, or public property, etc.) and documents will be requested at the application.

No Allocation Names List (NANL)

It is a list of domain names that are not allowed to be allocated by the registration authority due to reasons such as being against the legislation, public order, and general morality.

Dispute Resolution Service Provider (DRSP)

There is no explanation performed by ICTA regarding the Dispute Resolution Processes and its operation. Therefore, detailed information cannot be provided.

All information arranged by us will be sent to you, our users, simultaneously.

Domain Name Allocation

The allocation process will be performed in two methods as documented and undocumented.

Undocumented domain name allocation will be realized on a “first come, first served” basis. Based on the concept “first come, first served”, the registration will be taken into account when the domain name application reaches TRABIS.

Documented domain name allocation will be realized by the submission of the documents to be announced.

All documents and applications will be evaluated by TRABIS.

Registry Authorities are not authorized in document and application evaluation processes.

The domain name can be allocated for a period of at least one (1) and a maximum of five (5) years.


It is a new term that will be used with the activities of TRABİS. Waiver is the process called “Deletion” during the activity of Nic.TR.

In case the registrant wishes to discontinue use before the domain name expires, the waiver is performed.

According to this process, the domain name owner waives any and all rights by requesting the deletion of the relevant domain name.


Domain name allocation can be canceled via TRABIS by informing the domain name owner and Domain Name API. One or more of the following situations must have occurred to cancel a domain name.

- To determine the information provided by the domain owner is not complete or correct

- To add the domain name to the No Allocation Names List (NANL)

- To have a court decision to cancel the domain name allocation

- To have an administrative reason to be determined by the ICT

-  To have conditions determined by the ICT to find and implement the decision of the arbitrator or arbitral tribunal conveyed to the ICT by the DRSP.


It is the process to continue the ownership of an existing domain name by a payment transaction. Domain Name API informs the domain owner/ panel owner via e-mail at least three months (3 months) before the end of the domain name’s allocation period.

The domain name owner is claimed to perform the renewal process.


Domain name sale is not allowed in the activity process of Nic.TR. A domain name can be sold with the activation of TRABİS.

Sales will take effect after three years (3 years) following the commissioning of TRABIS.


The domain name is conveyed to the legal inheritors in cases such as death, absence, the presumption of absence of real persons (the person who is thought to be dead or whose body has not been found).

The expiry date of the sold or conveyed domain name does not change.

Legal entities may convey the domain name for reasons such as mergers and acquisitions.

It is required to fill in the relevant form correctly and completely for the conveyance request. The domain name is conveyed if necessary procedures are completed.

Transfer Between Registry Authorities

It is the process called “Change of Responsible” in Nic.TR processes and is performed with a document. It is a transfer process of the domain name in a different registry authority to a panel in Domain Name API with the transfer code.

Similarly, a domain name in Domain Name API can also be transferred to a different registry authority using the transfer code.