A New Period in Domain Registrations with .TR Extension
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A New Period in Domain Registrations with .TR Extension

After the study done by TRABIS on domain registration with the .TR extension, the way to specifically register the .TR domain extension is presently open.

After providing undocumented .com.tr, net.tr .org.tr final year, presently the .TR domain extension can be registered specifically without any prefix.

.TR Registration Process

  • Priority will be given to already registered domain names.
  • Extension-based categories will be used to assign priorities.
    • 1.Category domain extensions are: “a.gov.tr”, “a.edu.tr”, “a.tsk.tr”, “a.bel.tr”, “a.pol.tr” and “a.k12” .tr”
    • 2.Category domain extension is: “a.org.tr”
    • 3.Category domain extensions are: “a.com.tr”, “a.net.tr”, “a.gen.tr”, “a.biz.tr”, “a.tv.tr”, “a.name .tr”, “a.av.tr”, “a.web.tr”, “a.info.tr”,
  • First come, first served rule will be applied after priority allocation.

Category 1

.TR Domain Registration Process - “a.gov.tr”, “a.edu.tr”, “a.tsk.tr”, “a.bel.tr”, “a.pol.tr” and “a.k12.tr”

“a.gov.tr”, “a.edu.tr”, “a.tsk.tr”, “a.bel.tr”, “a.pol.tr” and “a.k12.tr” registrations will start on 14 September 2023 and the process will be operated within the framework of the following rules;

  • Public institutions, organizations, and domain addresses that make up more than half of the capital granted to public institutions will be given priority in the initial allocation procedures, as necessary
  • For "a.gov.tr," "a.edu.tr," "a.tsk.tr," "a.bel.tr," "a.pol.tr," and "a.k12.tr" domain owners, the initial allocation of domain names in the "a.tr" structure is carried out by TRABIS and will be allocated "free of charge" in TRABIS-KK. The existing domain names in question on the system will be linked with domain names in the structure of "a.tr" that are allocated in accordance with this rule.
  • Priority will be granted to the party in the top position in accordance with article 27 of the Internet Domain Names Communiqué hierarchically if the "a" domain of the domain names of the parties to which priority is given are identical.
  • Public institutions and organizations will receive "a.tr" related to "a.k12.tr" allocated by parties other than "a.bel.tr" for free for a year. After a year, it can be renewed for a charge.
  • The government institutions' domain names, such as "a.gov.tr," "a.edu.tr," "a.tsk.tr," "a.bel.tr," "a.pol.tr," and "a.k12.tr," will automatically renew unless they are "cancelled" or "waived."

  • Within the scope of the relationship between the existing domain name and the new domain name, "waiver", "transfer" and "cancellation" transactions for domain names “a.gov.tr”, “a.edu.tr”, “a.tsk.tr”, “a.bel.tr”, “a.pol.tr” and “a.k12.tr”, will also be applied for domain names in the structure of “a.tr” associated with the address in question.

  • The names in the first category will generate domain names with the extension "a.tr" in the TRAB-S-KK format.
  • Users who obtain service from KKs other than TRABS-KK should transfer their domain names in the "a.tr" structure to the KK of their choice by İAAS within a year of their allocation.
  • Domain names in the structure of "a.tr" belonging to users who receive service from KKs other than TRABİS-KK, will not be able to perform any transactions other than "transfer" during the period they receive service from TRABİS-KK.
  • The subsequent transfer transactions will not be subject to the requirement that sixty days have passed after the initial allotment of IAA.

Category 2

.TR Domain Registration Process- “a.org.tr”

The test calendar will be released along with the announcement of the test date for the 2. category. The completion date for Category 2 API tests is set for October 14, 2023. It is anticipated that between October 14 and November 14, 2023, the results of the tests conducted under category 2 and a.tr would be reflected in the real-world setting. The anticipated registration date schedule is also provided below.

Institutions and organizations that own .org.tr and give priority to .tr registration;

  • Priority is given to professional organizations that are public institutions.
  • Public benefit associations and tax-exempt foundations
  • Workers' or employers' professional organizations

These groups will be asked for documentation in order to register. After the document obtaining procedure, the qualified parties will be assigned in accordance with the procedure.

Category 3

.TR Domain Registration Process- “a.com.tr”, “a.net.tr”, “a.gen.tr”, “a.biz.tr”, “a.tv.tr”, “a.name.tr”, “a.av.tr”, “a.web.tr”, “a.info.tr”,

When the test calendar is made public, the test date for the 3. category will also be disclosed. The timeline for planned registration dates is provided below.

  • With the "application code" for the "a.tr" of existing domain names, priority applications will be compiled.
  • By getting the application code from the current domain registration firm, domain owner users can apply from the company of their choice.
  • An undocumented allocation will be made to the extensions mentioned in the procedure's upper paragraph at the conclusion of the predetermined time frame.

a.TR Extension-Based Priority Timeline

.TR Domain Extension API Integration (WHMCS, WiseCP, .NET API, .PHP API)

API documents will be disclosed through https://github.com/domainreseller.

A.TR Domain Extension Charges

During the priority procedure and the "first come, first serve" rule, different fees will be assessed for already registered domains. When the written version of the procedures and principles is released, fees will also be disclosed.