How do ORG.TR owners apply for .TR Domain Extension?
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How do ORG.TR owners apply for .TR Domain Extension?

.TR Application Steps for ORG.TR Domain Owners

1- From the domain list “. Search for the relevant domain "".

2- It will give a warning in the yellow area on the domain detail page. It is shown in the screenshot.

3- Click on the “Başvuruyu Tamamla” button. Click  "Tamam" to the warning and continue.

 4- When the application is completed, "Pre-registration application is completed!" A warning will be received. To list the domain, the Trabis domains page is listed and refreshed. The domain will be in pending document status.

To send documents;

1- Click on the Trabis Domains menu.

2- The domain you will apply for is pending documentation. Go to the domain detail page.

3- Download and fill out the application form.

4- Complete the application by selecting the relevant domain from the send document menu.