.DE Domain DNS Standards
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.DE Domain DNS Standards

DENIC has very strict rules on how the .DE DNS information should be structured. The domains with .DE extension require special DNS settings.

The .DE domain DNS addresses are required to be configured on the DNS server side before entering DNS.

The DE extension domains have different arrangements in the DNS structuring. There should be at least 2 active different DNSs defined in the registered domain. IP addresses belonging to each DNS information should consist of different 8-IP blocks.


Name Server should be in different C classes. For example: tr.domainnameapi.com is while eu.atakdomain.com is

If a DSN is not entered in the domain address after the .DE domain registration, a domain will be canceled by DENIC and no refund will be given.

.DE DNS Control Tool:

You can use DENIC's NAST tool to see if the DNS you want to use will be accepted for domain update or domain registration.


DE Domain Proxy Service:

To purchase a .de domain, you are required have a valid address and phone number in the European Union.

If you do not have an address, you can register your domain through Atak domain proxy service and activate your domain address via Domain Name API dns information.

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