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What is the best domain reseller program?
02.04.2020 9:49 3051 Views

What is the best domain reseller program?

Domain and hosting reseller business is the most competitive and of course also highly profitable online business. In order to become a good domain reseller, we will talk about how to evaluate domain reseller programs as well as the pros and cons of the currently popular domain hosting resellers.
    The most important point that we should be aware of while dealing with the Reseller Program is 'Global Asset and Local Popularity'. Programs that provide 24/7 customer support should be preferred. Plans and Pricing are also very important. ICANN (Internet Collaboration for Names and Numbers), which controls the maintenance and procedures of the functioning of the Internet, will also facilitate you. Programs that support all popular domain extensions and currently available popular nTLDs (New Top-level domains, .Guru, .ninja) should be your choice maker, as you will profit from them.

    Other points to note are that it has many features such as website builder, turnkey store, branded email, domain privacy protection, security and SSL, and it should be also easy to integrate the API. It should also have a very good user interface for its users. Other than that, live chat, email and phone. Programs with dealer panels that provide support are advantageous for you. Supported payment methods, pricing, and hosting plans will also help you determine your profit margin.