How to Register a .aero Domain Name?
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How to Register a .aero Domain Name?

How to buy an .aero domain that can be purchased by companies, institutions and pilots operating in the aviation industry? Here is the step-by-step .aero order process;

- Order the domain address you want to register via your panel.

- Then apply at

After the successful application, you will be asked for information to prove the information in your application in an e-mail sent to you by Send the following documents to - Sita.

- Signature circular and English translation - You can get English translation service from

- Official document and English version of the activity related to aviation (For example, there may be a section in the activity certificate or trade registry gazette stating that there is activity in the aviation sector).

At the end of the submitted documents, you will receive an approved user and password. (.AERO ID Username . .AERO ID Password ) Send us the relevant passwords by opening a ticket.

Who can buy .aero domain name?

- Aerial works 

- Aerospace 

  • Air Agency Certificate
  •  Design
  •  JAA Technical Standard Order
  •  Manufacturer Maintenance Certificate

- Air freight & logistics companies

  •  IATA Accredited Cargo Agent

- Air safety, medical and certification

- Air sports and recreational aviation

  •  Affiliation to FAI Member Organisation
  •  FAI Calendar Championship ID Number

- Airlines and commercial operators

  • Air Operating Certificate
  • IATA 2character airline identifier


  • FAA 3 letter airport identifier
  • IATA 3 letter location identifier
  • ICAO location identifier

- Aviation distribution systems

- Aviation education and research

  • Air traffic controller school
  •  Flight school or aviation maintenance school

- Aviation industry associations

- Aviation media

  •  ISBN
  •  ISSN

- Aviation professionals

  • Holder of air crew or flight engineer certificate
  • Holder of airline air crew identity card
  • Holder of flight instructor certificate

- Aviation suppliers & service providers

- Business aircraft operators

  • US: Compliance with part 91

- Civil aviation authorities

  •  ICAO member

- Government organisations linked to aviation

- Pilots

  • Pilot License