How to Buy a Domain .TR Domain Extension?
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How to Buy a Domain .TR Domain Extension?

It is not required to be forgotten that the .TR domain is a domain extension with full of opportunities, since it has been opened for new pre-registration. We know that purchasing a domain is one of the most critical steps in setting up a blog, personal site or online company. Let's examine together the .TR domain extension, which appears to us as both a generic opportunity and a protection for our brand.

What is a Domain with the TR Extension?

The .TR is the internet country code domain address of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. While the domain extensions such as,, are sold, the .TR domain sales without being prefixes started to be sold as of 2023.

Prioritization in the .TR Domain Registration

After the domains belonging to the government institutions, a registration will be made in the .TR registrations with the following prioritization.

  1. A.KEP.TR”, 2. “A.AV.TR”, 3. “A.DR.TR”, 4. “A.COM.TR”, 5. “A. ORG.TR”, 6.    “A.NET.TR”, 7. “A.GEN.TR”, 8.  “A.WEB.TR”, 9. “A.NAME.TR, 10. “A.İNFO.TR, 11. “A.TV.TR, 12. “A.BBS.TR, 13. “A.TEL.TR

Give your .TR Pre-Registration together with the .COM.TR and Increase Your Chances

If the .COM.TR address of the domain address for which you want to pre-register is empty, order both domain addresses together with the .TR., since the .COM.TR owners will be given priority in the .TR registrations by having another customer own the .COM.TR will reduce your chances of registering the .TR. If the .COM.TR or one of the domain extensions mentioned above is registered and you do not register the .TR extension, your .TR domain will be>
Warning: If one of the different TRABIS domain registrars registers seconds before the Domain Name API (Atak Domain) during the .TR GoLIVE period, the .TR registration will be registered by the relevant domain company.

The .TR Domain Reseller Program

You can easily pre-register the .TR by using the WHMCS, WiseCP, Hostbill, .NET API, .PHP API or domain reseller panel in the Domain Name API reseller program.

In order to download the .TR API, you can visit

The .TR Pre-Registration from the Domain Reseller Panel

If the domain address you will register has the or any .tr extension registered in your panel, simply click the Pre-Register button next to the domain address.

  1. If you will pre-register a .TR from scratch, click on the register domain button from the left menu.
  2. Inquiry by typing the .tr domain you want to register in the domain inquiry field.
  3. Enter all the mandatory fields and save. If you do not know your customer's RFT identification card number, write 11 numbers as 1.

EThe Cheapest .TR Domain Price

The Domain Name API offers the cheapest .TR domain price to all domain resellers.

.TR Reseller189.00 TL   .TR Premium184.00 TL         .TR Platinum179.00 TL

Protect the Reputation of Your Brand and Company

With the domain names with the TR extension, you protect the reputation of your brand and give confidence to your customers. You can prevent the imitators and domain hunters by registering multiple extensions of your domain address (.tr, .com, .net, .de, etc.).

In order to avoid from the legal problems with your domain address later and to avoid dealing with the long and expensive court processes, you can complete your registration by pre-ordering your .TR domain.

Do Not Miss the Generic Investment Opportunity

Give Pre-Order, Be the First to Register!

Start creating the pre-ordering for the domains with the .TR extension with Atak Domain in your dream with the .TR pre-order system:

Do not miss the investment opportunities that have not yet been registered and are waiting for you in the .TR extensions. Thousands of Turkish, English, Russian, German words are available on the .TR.

The .TR Domain is in the Millions Club




















  • It is the .tr domain statistics for the date 04-10-2023.