What is Backorder? How is it done?
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What is Backorder? How is it done?

“What is Backorder?” is often asked and wondered by many people, with the widespread use of the Internet due to the emergence of new needs and new business areas. With the integration of the internet into our daily lives and the fact that many phenomena such as communication channels, habits we have and the commercial life we are in find themselves in a big change, new problems emerged and job advertisements that could offer solutions to these problems began to be needed..

One of these problems comes to the agenda is the first step when individuals or companies need to take to set up their websites and to choose the domain address or to get a domain name. As is known, everyone who wants to be visible on the internet must have a domain name and build the website on the domain name he bought, without any alternative. For this reason, institutions and individuals who exist as a user on the internet want to have domain names that express themselves best, where they can get maximum efficiency and quality. However, often the requested website address might have been taken by another user. At this point, in order to solve the problem, “backorder”, which is the “pre-order” system, has been developed so that even if the domain address has been taken by another person, the way for users to have the desired domain name has been opened. So what is the backorder that offers a unique solution to the problem many people who want to buy a domain name?

What is Backorder?

Backorder is a practical system used when institutions, organizations or individual users want to buy the domain name taken by another user or in other words the domain address is full. Thanks to the backorder system, it is ensured that the name of the website which is wanted to be used but which has already been purchased or used by someone else, is claimed to be owned by the person requesting backorder for this domain after the expiry date. In fact, this system is a process that we can call a reserve and it is a process that must be carried out through backorder companies.

How to Make a Backorder?

What is Backorder? After giving a detailed answer to the question, the most important point to be focused on is how this process is done. How to make a backorder to get your favorite website name? You need to know the answer to the question in detail and have a good command of the process. First of all, in order to operate this system, the requested domain address must expire. The duration of use varies depending on the time the website has registered by the person registered in the name. For example, some users make purchases for a period of 1 year, while others perform a 5-year registration. In any case, regardless of how long the domain name is registered, the backorder system is activated upon the expiry of the usage period and successfully meets the request of the person who requested the domain name within the time period for which the domain name belongs to another user. Within the period following the expiration of the domain name in use, the corresponding domain enters the pending domain name process. If the domain name enters this process, it means that backorder can be pre-ordered. Often it is essential to have a good backorder service from a professional company as many people request a pre-order for the same domain. You can take your steps by learning the details about the process, the process that will be applied in case of multiple requesting users and the transactions following the purchase, only under the guidance of a quality backorder company.


When is the Backorder Done?

The backorder process is carried out with the expiration of the domain address of the relevant domain, which is done in a very short period of time. In short, it is almost impossible to do this directly manually without using any system or software, and there is no example of that being done. So when is the backorder done? We can answer the question by saying that this transaction was done in milliseconds after the domain name expired.

Backorder Companies

Backorder companies, which you want to buy, but already used by another user after the expiration of the domain names in a special software with you after the registration is done in seconds, the company is in the position of intermediates in the process of the backorder. Backorder websites should be preferred in terms of providing dealership and end user services both in terms of performing systematic checks on the usage period of the relevant domain address and revising the operation in seconds which can be expressed immediately after the expiration of the usage period.

Points to Be Considered

The most important criterion to be considered before creating a backorder request is to work with a backorder website with a professional and expert team and a considerable experience in the field. Because the process requires technical knowledge and equipment competence as well as expertise on a sectoral basis. In addition to the importance of pre-ordering through a professional company, the following points should also be taken into consideration:

    • Since performing multiple backorder transactions within the scope of more than one company for the domain name you request may cause technical problems, we recommend you work only with a company that is experienced in its business. You can become a dealer by choosing our company which stands out with its experience and professional business understanding and you can offer the highest quality service to your end user customers.
    • Do not rely on the e-mails sent to you regarding the domain you request backorder. If you receive a dealership service from our company, all relevant information is made directly through the panel or you are notified with the official e-mail address of our company.
    • If your pre-order request has been concluded positively, you must pay the corresponding fee. In addition, the provision of the backorder service is subject to charge for the tracking and processing of the domain name requested.

Why Choose Us?

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