What is SSL?
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What is SSL?

In today’s world, the most important factors in commercial relations are trust & security. These factors are more important for online businesses and online relations than classic commercial relations that we are used to for thousands of years. Because face-to-face communication includes the fundamentals of communication like gestures, tone of voices which disclose who are reliable and who aren’t convenient to trade or trustable. But what about online relations or businesses? How can they build up a trust that both sides are satisfied? Here’s the moment SSL certificate shows up. SSL certification makes secure connections possible through internet and creates a foundation of trust that online business can continue their existence.

SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer” which can be defined as the safeguard on the internet. So, the exact answer to the question of “What is SSL?” is that it’s the security protocol providing the safe connections between two parties -server & client- by encrypting the data preventing the third parties get involved. SSL is designed as a guarantee between networked computers. It encrypts all data including personal information, IP addresses, location, credit card numbers and any other information showing up in the processes between server and client while the transfer is conducted.

There are many types of SSL certificates but the most popular one is the type that transforms the URL in the address bar from “http” to “https” while changing its color into green. Thanks to this transformation, a website can be categorized and understood by clients as SSL certified website with enough security protocols or a website without SSL certificate not having enough security to shop or surf.

What is SSL?

SSL is a powerful security protocol and it prevents third parties from accessing your card number, name/surname, address and this kind of personal information when you share them with the servers you visit, accept the cookie policies and make purchases. For this security protocol to be fully operated, SSL certificate must be obtained from the server which provides the service and chosen very carefully by checking all SSL types and SSL brands.

How does the SSL Certificate Create a Secure Connection?

SSL Algorithm works in an easy logic. It integrates two systems and operates them at the same time. These are called as “keys” in the technic terminology which refer to as digital codes constituting the fundamentals of SSL certification. The question of “How does SSL work?” can be explained and answered with the working system of the keys. One of the keys is named “Public Key” while the other one is named “Private Key”, both are like the sides of a coin. The keys take part in the encryption of the data while one of them is assigned to be a lock, the other one is assigned to be a key. This working logic makes it impossible to open or see the encrypted data if not they are in the same place at the same time. SSL Algorithm encrypts the data in transit by scrambling all inside of it. As a result of that, SSL certificate becomes the most effective way to ensure the security and trust by preventing the third parties get involved and reach the classified data.

How to get SSL?

If you’re searching online about “How to get SSL?” first, you need to have an SSL certificate. This is often a paid certificate but, in some cases, it can be provided free of charge with the promotions of the server you use. However, free SSL certificates often need to be renewed at certain intervals, which means extra work for you. Therefore, to get SSL, you should choose a paid SSL certificate or choose the packages that the SSL service is included in the server fee. After the service is purchased you need to install SSL. For SSL installation, it is enough to enter Cpanel from the IP address defined by the server and perform the necessary operations over TSL.

Internet Browsers Supporting SSL

Which browsers support SSL? This question is especially asked by those who usually prefer to use non-popular internet browsers. We can answer this question by saying that all internet browsers, whose updates are made periodically, support the SSL protocol.

Is SSL Good for SEO?

In recent SEO updates by Google, the SSL certificate, which has managed to maintain its place among the SEO criteria, directly affects the Google ranking because it reveals the reliability of the websites in line with universal criteria. In the on-site SEO and off-site SEO studies carried out on a site, having an SSL certificate is among the steps that should be taken undeniably. For this reason, website owners who want to increase their listings must provide a quality and up-to-date SSL certificate. You can choose the certificate that suits you best from the SSL certificate options offered within our company and quickly integrate it into your site.

What are the Types of SSL Certificates?

SSL certificate types vary according to the usage tools and authentication type. SSL types in the distinction made according to the authentication type are 3:

  1. Domain Validated Certificates (DV SSL): Among the verification types, it is certification that does only domain verification and does not contain organization name and similar information. This certification is done within seconds.

  2. Organization Validated Certificates (OV SSL): It is the SSL certificate containing the name of the institution and lots of information related to the organizations like whether it’s active and the application to the institution/organization is possible. It is much safer than DV SSL type and it takes longer to certify.

  3. Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL): Such certificates are the most reliable certificates, showing the entire trade name or official name of the company or institution that owns the platform, revealing the information belonging to it according to the principle of publicity. This certificate proves the company's physical, commercial and legal existence.

There are 3 types of SSL in the distinction made according to usage areas:

  1. Standard SSL: It is the SSL type that is provided for only 1 domain.

  2. Multi-Domain SSL Certificates: It is a type of certificate that allows multiple domain names to be signed with a single certificate. Generally, companies, institutions or individuals who use one or two extra domains other than their current domain prefer this type of SSL certificate.

  3. Wildcard SSL Certificates: This type of certificate allows hundreds of subdomains to be certified under the main domain. There is no sub-domain limit for certifications made with Wildcard SSL Certificate.