A Brilliant Pre-Registration for .TR Domain Names
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A Brilliant Pre-Registration for .TR Domain Names

.TR Domain Pre-Order Registration Terms and Conditions

    1. Allocation transactions in .TR pre-registrations are carried out in accordance with the rules, legislation, procedures and principles specified in the Registration Policies and Procedures available on the TRABİS website.
    2. The a.tr domain name to be ordered in TR pre-registration must have any second level .tr extension. Individuals/institutions that do not have a domain name due to priority reasons at the time of ordering can apply by registering the second level .tr domain name available for registration along with the pre-registration order. If the a.tr application for the relevant domain name is unsuccessful, the second level domain name allocated as a pre-order reason and the fee paid for it will not be cancelled/refunded.
    3. A .TR pre-registration ordered domain name can be registered if it is not allocated during the 1st and 2nd Category Period. If the relevant domain name was allocated during the 1st or 2nd Category period; Order in Category 3 will be canceled.
    4. If different individuals and institutions apply for the same domain name, which person/institution will be allocated the domain name will be determined depending on the priority hierarchy of the domain name extension that is the priority reason.

    Priority hierarchy: 1. A.KEP.TR”, 2. “A.AV.TR”, 3. “A.DR.TR”, 4. “A.COM.TR”, 5. “A. ORG.TR”, 6.    “A.NET.TR”, 7. “A.GEN.TR”, 8.  “A.WEB.TR”, 9. “A.NAME.TR, 10. “A.İNFO.TR, 11. “A.TV.TR, 12. “A.BBS.TR, 13. “A.TEL.TR

    For example: When 2 different individuals/institutions that own domain.com.tr and domain.net.tr apply for domain.tr, the domain.tr domain name will be allocated to the owner of the domain.com.tr domain name. If the owner of domain.com.tr does not use his right to apply; The domain name domain.tr will be allocated to the person/institution that owns domain.net.tr.

    1. Following the completion of the 3rd Category and the finalization of the a.tr domain name applications by TRABİS, the customer is notified by sending an e-mail notification for the applications whose pre-registration order is successful. The relevant domain name is added to the customer's account and made ready for management.
    2. .TR pre-registration price has been determined according to the current procedures and principles announced by TRABIS and the current economic conditions. In the event of price updates by TRABİS or significant changes in the country's economic conditions before pre-registration orders are finalized, the Customer may request a price difference payment. The customer can continue the pre-order process by paying the price difference, or refuse to make an additional payment and request that the refund be added to the deposit.
    3. .TR pre-registration orders will not be canceled/refunded until the 3rd Category results are announced.
    4. Cancellation/refund cannot be requested for pre-registration orders that result in the allocation of the domain name.
    5. For orders whose pre-registration order is unsuccessful, the customer is notified by e-mail. For unsuccessful orders, the customer's deposit will be refunded. No refund method other than refund of customer deposit will be used.

All Domain Resellers and Customers agree to the following terms:

  • a) When placing a Pre-Order for undocumented .com.tr, .net.tr, .org.tr, the Customer agrees that the deposit in the Reseller's/Customer's DomainNameAPI.com account will be collected immediately so that the Customer's order can be pre-registered.
  • b) The dealer/customer accepts that it is the responsibility of the Dealer/Customer to keep the domain whois information up-to-date and accurate when registering a pre-order, and that the domain cannot be registered due to incomplete or incorrect whois records.
  • c) Adhering to the Registry Policies and Procedures available on the Trabis website (if you cannot find this, you can contact us and we will send you a direct link where necessary)

.TR Pre-Order Now!

.TR Domain Pre-Order FAQ


What is a .TR domain name?

.TR is the Türkiye domain extension (Türkiye ccTDL). It is aimed to be opened for registration by TRABIS, affiliated with BTK, by the end of 2023. In 2022, after the undocumented .com.tr, .net.tr, .org.tr, the .TR domain extension will also be given without a certificate.

If I pre-order a domain, does this mean I am registering a domain name?

Ordering pre-registration does not guarantee that you will receive your domain address. However, we will guarantee that your domain address will be queued and ready to be submitted to the registry as soon as General Availability opens. If for any reason you do not receive your domain name, your registration fee will be refunded to your deposit.


What are the registration fees for domain pre-ordering?

Only the registration fee is charged to the pre-registration fees. If you are not given the domain name, this fee will be refunded to your deposit without deduction.


What happens if there is more than one pre-registration order for a domain?

For .com.tr, .net.tr, .org.tr domain extensions, only 1 order can be placed by the person who first reserved it.


How to buy a domain with .TR extension?

Domains with .TR extension are currently only available for pre-order. As of the end of 2023, it will be subject to a first-come, first-served rule. You can pre-order directly from our domain inquiry page or our .TR domain extension page.