What is TRABIS?
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What is TRABIS?


.tr domain name operations have been started to be performed through registry operators as of March 23, 2020, after the closing process of Nic.TR.

In this process, Domain Name API founded by the METU Development Foundation as a registry operator has started delivering METU experience and knowledge to our valuable users and operating with the aim of providing quality service.

As Domain Name API, we will continue the sensibility and care we have performed in the closing process of Nic.TR with our service mentality focused on user satisfaction in TRABİS processes and applications.

Our development and improvement efforts continue in order for the TRABIS transition to be carried out professionally and seamlessly for both you, our users, and us, the registry authorities.

Please review the explanations below in order to have accurate and sufficient information in the transition process.

You can contact us through our support channels and visit our website to find answers to any questions you may have after your review.

What is TRABIS?

.tr Network Information System, abbreviated as TRABİS, is a system that covers the management and operation of the “.tr” domain name system and database. It ensures that system-related guidance (whois), updating (DNS, owner and responsible information, renewal), instant allocation processes continue safely and continuously.

These transactions, previously carried out by Nic.TR, will be under the management of ICT with the activation of TRABİS.  However, you are required to carry out your transactions on domain names with .tr extension through accredited registry authorities since TRABIS does not provide direct service to the end-user.

All of the domain names that have not been transferred to any registry authority will be transferred to TRABIS in the closing process of Nic.TR.



All of the domain name allocation processes with TRABIS transition will be performed through registry authorities. The operation and rules of the allocation process have not yet been fully clarified, you, our users will be informed in detail based on the statement from the ICT.

It will be possible to perform the allocation process according to the first-come, first-served principle without any documentation for domain names with gen.tr, biz.tr, tv.tr, web.tr, info.tr, bbs.tr, tel.tr and name.tr extensions and mainly for .com.tr, .net.tr and .org.tr domain names, which are the most popular among internet domain name extensions with the operating of TRABIS.

However, domain names with gov.tr, edu,tr, bel.tr, k12.tr, av.tr, dr.tr, pol.tr and tsk.tr extensions will be allocated without any change in procedure if necessary documents are submitted.


Domain name sale and lease is a prohibited practice in Nic.TR processes. However, it paves the way for the sale and lease of domain names with the commissioning of TRABIS.

Domain name sales transactions will start at the end of 3 years following the commissioning of the process within the scope of TRABIS, and it will be possible to perform sales transactions through registry authority the services.

Announcements and explanations to be performed on sales and leasing processes will also be shared with our users in detail.


Domain name transfer has been carried out as Owner Change in Nic.TR processes. However, this transaction, which will be performed as a Transfer with TRABIS, will be carried out if any of the documents listed below are available.

Presumption of Absence

Company Merger / Takeover Certificates

Brand/Patent Transfer Documents

Document Proving the Right Transfer on Intellectual/Artistic Works

Announcements and explanations to be performed about the transfer processes will also be shared with our users in detail.

.tr extension

The first level domain extension “.tr” is currently closed to allocation.


However, the allocation of the .tr extension will begin at the end of 1 year following the commissioning of TRABIS.