Domain Sales, Transfer and Waiver in TR Domains
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Domain Sales, Transfer and Waiver in TR Domains

In the undocumented .TR domain period, .tr domain sales, .tr domain transfer and .tr domain waiver-deletion processes are carried out within the framework of the following rules.

Sale of Domains with .TR Extension to Someone Else

The sale of domains with the .tr extension to someone else can be carried out three years after TRABIS starts operating, that is, after September 12, 2025.

Transfer of Domains with .TR Extension

  1. In cases such as death, absence or presumption of absence of natural persons, a document from the competent authorities showing that the applicant is the legal heir of the domain owner.
  2. Documents proving the merger or acquisition, in case the parties are going to transfer this domain with the company or brand for reasons such as merger or takeover.
  3. If the domain owner is going to transfer his brand / patent, documents proving that they have transferred their rights related to the brand / patent
  4. Documents proving that they have transferred their rights to intellectual/artistic works in case of transferring the domain address of these intellectual/artistic works.

Necessary information and documents are transmitted to TRABİS through the authorized domain company from which service is received for the realization of the sale or transfer transaction.

If the application is found suitable by TRABIS, necessary actions are taken and the authorized domain registration firm is informed to be forwarded to the domain owner.

If not found appropriate, the application is rejected and the authorized domain registrar is informed to be forwarded to the domain owner. The sold or transferred domain allocation period does not change.

How to Waive .TR Domains?

The domain owner has the right to waive the registered domain. From the day of waiver, the use of the relevant domain is stopped for two months and the domain is re-registered at the end of the period. In case of a request to be suspended for less than two months, the Authority examines the request and, if it finds it appropriate, opens the domain for reallocation in less than two months. If the domain owner makes an application by giving up the waiver before the domain is allocated, the domain suspension process is withdrawn.