How to buy - register a .tr domain name?
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How to buy - register a .tr domain name?

You can register a .tr domain name through your dashboard. For this, it will be enough to apply for registration after the domain order has passed, and if necessary, upload the relevant documents to the system. You can make your .tr domain applications through your panel by following the explanation;
    1. Enter your dashboard with your username and password via

2. Search the .tr domain name

3. Click to   Order Now

4. Continue without entering any contact information. In .tr applications, contact information is made in TR ADMIN menu.
Click to Continue Finish the Order

5. Choose a year.  You can register .TR domains between 1-5 years.

After this step, click the TR ADMIN link from the left menu.

6. If the applied .tr domain is the domain that does not require a document, it is approved when you apply and appears actively on your panel. In this case, no further action is required. You can start using the domain.

7. If the applied .tr domain document requires documents, you must upload the relevant documents to the system. Documents uploaded to the system are evaluated. As a result of the evaluation, if the documents support your domain name, the application is approved and appears in your domain panel actively.

8. If the documents you upload to the system support the domain name you want to register, your application will be approved within 1-2 days at the latest and will be activated from your panel. If your application is not approved during this period, your documents are incomplete or do not support the domain. You can inquire about your application status from below.

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