Trabis Transition Process Step by Step
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Trabis Transition Process Step by Step

The NIC.TR system will be stop Monday (September 12) at 09.00 a.m. due to the transition of the .TR extension domain management to the BTK-TRABIS system. ALL MANAGEMENT OPERATIONS (Renewal, DNS Change) will be temporarily suspended until 14.30 on September 14, 2022, determined by the BTK!

In this process, there will be no interruption in access to the website and email connected to your domain address.

We recommend that you take an action these procedures until September 12, 2022 (Monday) at the latest for your domain addresses whose renewal period is approaching or you are planning a DNS change.

Step By Step Trabis

1. .tr Domain Process Before September 12

You must complete the following domain process before Monday, September 12.

  • Complete the Documented/Undocumented domain registration that is in the registration process
  • Change of Contact
  • Domain Information Update
  • Domain Ownership Change
  • Domain Delete
  • DNS Change
  • Payment
  • Domain Renewal

2. Changeover to Trabis

Between 12-14 September, the following domain operations will be stopped.

  • Documented/Undocumented Domain Applications
  • Sending Documents
  • Change of Contact, Whois Update, Change of Owner, Deletion
  • DNS Change
  • Payment
  • Whois Search
  • Support Service

3. TR – TRABIS Opening

  • As of 14.30 on September 14, documented and undocumented .tr domain operations will be started.