Undocumented .com.tr, .net.tr, .org.tr Pre-Order Registration Terms and Rules
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Undocumented .com.tr, .net.tr, .org.tr Pre-Order Registration Terms and Rules

  • .com.tr, .net.tr, .org.tr pre-orders will be considered until the undocumented registration starts and they are automatically registered on behalf of the reserving Reseller through the service when registration starts.
  • Pre-orders via DomainNameAPI.com domain reseller panel are subject to the first come first served rule and only one pre-order per domain is considered.
  • Undocumented pre-orders cannot be canceled or transferred for any reason.
  • If the domain cannot be registered, payments collected for undocumented .com.tr, .net.tr, .org.tr pre-orders are refunded to your deposit. Collected payments are non-refundable.
  • All domain resellers and customers agree that their Pre-Orders are not live recordings and therefore DomainNameAPI.com / Atak Domain cannot guarantee that any domain will definitely be registered. All applications realized during the General Availability Pre-Order period are at the Customer's risk and DomainNameAPI.com / Atak Domain cannot be held responsible for domain/domains that are not secured during General Availability.

All Domain Resellers and Customers agree to the following terms:

  • a) The Customer agrees that the deposit in the DomainNameAPI.com account of the Reseller/Customer will be promptly collected in order for the customer's order to be pre-registered when pre-ordering for undocumented .com.tr, .net.tr, .org.tr.
  • b) The Reseller/customer accepts that it is the Reseller's/Customer's responsibility to keep the domain whois information is up to date and correct and that the domain cannot be registered due to incomplete-incorrect whois records during pre-order registration.
  • c) To be affiliated with the Registration Policies and Procedures available on the Trabis website (if you can't find it, you can contact us and we will send you a direct link if needed).

.COM.TR Domain Pre-Order

.NET.TR Domain Pre-Order

.ORG.TR Domain Pre-Order

Undocumented .com.tr, .net.tr, .org.tr Pre-Order FAQ

If I pre-order a domain, does this mean I registered a domain name?

Ordering a pre-registration does not guarantee that you will receive your domain address. However, we will guarantee that as soon as General Availability opens, your domain address will be in order and ready to be submitted to the registry. If for some reason you cannot get your domain name, your registration fee will be refunded to your deposit.

What are the registration fees for domain pre-order?

Only the registration fee is charged to the pre-registration fees. If the domain name is not provided to you, this fee will be refunded to your deposit without deduction.

What if there is more than one pre-registration order for a domain?

Only 1 order can be placed by the person who made the first reservation for .com.tr, .net.tr, .org.tr domain extensions.

Unregistered/Undocumented .com.tr

As you know, most of the time, the “.com.tr”, “.net.tr” and “.org.tr” extensions were allocated in a documented manner during the Nic.TR period. However, these domain name allocations will be made in an undocumented scope and on a first-come, first-served basis within the TRABIS system.  In the other framework, ".gen.tr", ".biz.tr", ".tv.tr", ".web.tr", ".info.tr", ".bbs.tr", ". Tel.tr” and “.name.tr” extensions will not require documents for the realization of allocation transactions.

What is undocumented.com.tr?

Domains with .com.tr extension that has been sold with documents since 1993 will be sold by Trabis on an undocumented first-come, first-served basis as of January 2022. Undocumented sale of .com.tr domain extension will increase Turkey .tr domain sales all over the world and will make a great contribution to the official domain extension of our country.

Who Can Apply for Undocumented .com.tr?

Now all internet users everywhere in the world will be able to register .com.tr domain name without documents. The first-come, the first-served rule will be valid for .com.tr domain registration. Internet users all over the world who do not have a document will be able to instantly register .com.tr domain names whenever they want with the commissioning of the undocumented .com.tr.